Contains the Google Maps Android API classes.


GoogleMap.CancelableCallback A callback interface for reporting when a task is complete or cancelled. 
GoogleMap.InfoWindowAdapter Provides views for customized rendering of info windows. 
GoogleMap.OnCameraChangeListener Defines signatures for methods that are called when the camera changes position. 
GoogleMap.OnInfoWindowClickListener Callback interface for click/tap events on a marker's info window. 
GoogleMap.OnMapClickListener Callback interface for when the user taps on the map. 
GoogleMap.OnMapLoadedCallback Callback interface for when the map has finished rendering. 
GoogleMap.OnMapLongClickListener Callback interface for when the user long presses on the map. 
GoogleMap.OnMarkerClickListener Defines signatures for methods that are called when a marker is clicked or tapped. 
GoogleMap.OnMarkerDragListener Callback interface for drag events on markers. 
GoogleMap.OnMyLocationButtonClickListener Callback interface for when the My Location button is clicked. 
GoogleMap.OnMyLocationChangeListener This interface is deprecated. use LocationClient instead. LocationClient provides improved location finding and power usage and is used by the "My Location" blue dot. See the MyLocationDemoActivity in the sample applications folder for example example code, or the Location Developer Guide.  
GoogleMap.SnapshotReadyCallback Callback interface to notify when the snapshot has been taken. 
LocationSource Defines an interface for providing location data, typically to a GoogleMap object. 
LocationSource.OnLocationChangedListener Handles a location update. 


CameraUpdate Defines a camera move. 
CameraUpdateFactory A class containing methods for creating CameraUpdate objects that change a map's camera. 
GoogleMap This is the main class of the Google Maps Android API and is the entry point for all methods related to the map. 
GoogleMapOptions Defines configuration GoogleMapOptions for a GoogleMap
MapFragment A Map component in an app. 
MapsInitializer Use this class to initialize the Google Maps Android API if features need to be used before obtaining a map. 
MapView A View which displays a map (with data obtained from the Google Maps service). 
Projection A projection is used to translate between on screen location and geographic coordinates on the surface of the Earth (LatLng). 
SupportMapFragment A Map component in an app. 
UiSettings Settings for the user interface of a GoogleMap.