Contains the Google+ platform for Android.


PlusClient.OnAccessRevokedListener Listener interface for when the token revocation request has completed. 
PlusClient.OnMomentsLoadedListener Listener interface for when moments are loaded. 
PlusClient.OnPeopleLoadedListener Listener interface for when a collection of people are loaded. 
PlusClient.OrderBy Constants to declare the order to return people in. 
PlusOneButton.OnPlusOneClickListener A listener for +1 button clicks. 


PlusClient The main entry point for Google+ integration. 
PlusClient.Builder Builder to configure a PlusClient for communicating with the Google+ APIs. 
PlusOneButton The +1 button to recommend a URL on Google+. 
PlusOneButton.DefaultOnPlusOneClickListener This is an View.OnClickListener that will proxy clicks to an attached PlusOneButton.OnPlusOneClickListener, or default to attempt to start the intent using an Activity context. 
PlusOneButtonWithPopup +1 button which shows confirmation messages in a PopupWindow. 
PlusOneDummyView A class used to statically generate dummy views in the event of an error retrieving a PlusOneButton from the apk  
PlusShare Utility class for including resources in posts shared on Google+ through an ACTION_SEND intent.